It’s no surprise that you’d want to give every place in Tuscany a visit because of how each of them can provide you with different kinds of experiences. However, for first timers, this can be a bit of a stretch since being in a new place will provide you with lots of options that you may not have any idea on where to start especially if you think that the number of days you plan on staying there is not enough to cover everything. So for your convenience, here are the top places that you should visit first when you are in Tuscany.

Florence – There are 3 words that can describe Florence and these are: charming, historical, and magical. The Cradle of Renaissance is something that this city can never be beaten Historical places such as the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, and the Cathedral are one of the architectural reasons why you would love to go here. You can never go wrong if you plan on feeding your cravings for Renaissance architecture in this city.

Pisa – The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Piazza dei Miracoli alone are enough to convince you why visiting this place shouldn’t be a part of your list. There are also other hidden gems that will make this city worthy of your time. But if these famous architectures aren’t enough for you, then you can continue along until you reach the Lungarno because you will find other noteworthy spots such as the beautiful “Chiesa della Spina” church and the San Matteo Museum.

Siena – It would be impossible to visit Tuscany and not put Siena as part of your itinerary. Siena will surely provide you with a unique charm as well as some great ancient history. It is recommended that you dedicate an entire day of your Tuscan trip to this city since it would be perfect to walk on its cobblestone streets in the shadow of the brick buildings that surrounds it. This city is also famous for the Palio wherein it is being held each year during July 2 and August 16. You will know that you’re in the heart of the city when you reach Piazza del Campo and you can’t mistake this one because it is easily recognizable in its shell-shape. From here, you can also take some time to appreciate the 88 meter Torre del Mangia. It’s Cathedral is also something that you wouldn’t want to miss because it boasts a black and white façade then it will surprise you with its spectacular interior.

Lucca – Lucca has been dubbed as the “city of 100 churches”, and it is well-recognized for its walkable and perfectly preserved 16th-century walls. It is ideal that you start your tour on this 4km walkway since it overlooks the entire town. You shouldn’t miss out visiting the Roman Amphitheatre and its elliptical shape structure, the Guinigi tower with some trees on its top portion. The forum can be located in the beautiful San Martino Cathedral and the S. Michele square. You can go to the center of the city by passing through the 6 different gates. Just walk around within the walls of the city and then follow the narrow streets.