Almost all cities in Tuscany are famous for their meat, pasta, wine, and most of all, ice cream. Siena, in particular, isn’t an exception in this one because they too have lots of ice cream parlors that are striving to provide the most artisan, freshest, and creative gelateria ever. So if ever you have the time to visit this historical city, and you are craving for some gelato, take the opportunity to give this gelateria a shot. Also, make sure that you avoid the fancy, over-priced tourist traps and only go for the high-quality finds that offer their gelato at an affordable priced. Here are our suggestions for the best and affordable gelateria in Siena, Tuscany.

La Vecchia Latteria – Every tourist who comes will surely say that this is one of the best creams they’ve ever tasted in all of Italy. This ice cream parlor looks a bit modest with a display and interior that aren’t anything like the ones you see residing in the city. The creaminess and richness of its flavors are unmatched compared to the other ice cream parlors out there. This gelateria also makes itself come out on top by using only the freshest and most natural ingredients you’ll even find which means that each batch of ice cream they serve on a daily basis are freshly made. If you want, you can also take a glimpse on the side of their ice cream display since they provide a window for customers to witness how their ice creams are being made.

Nannini – If you are looking for the most creative and satisfying gelateria in Siena, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Nannini. The restaurant may not that be visible to the average tourist, but those who ventures inside will surely come back for more. You can indulge yourself in a variety of flavors as well as some creative mixes such as the penguino wherein it includes a Nutella-like chocolate with a mix of vanilla and cream. If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll surely appreciate this place for bringing that into their ice cream menu.

Grom – No matter which part of Italy you will go, the Grom will surely seem like a familiar place since it can be found in almost all major Italian cities as well as some cities abroad. Even though that it may not be that unique to Siena, everyone who may have come to the place will surely say that it’s a worthy visit. Grom also abides by a strict philosophy where they only have to use the freshest ingredients and keep away from the artificial ones. The eggs and milk that are used add extra creaminess to it, and the fruits involved are sweet and seasonal. So if you want to visit this gelateria, then you can’t miss it because it’s located in the center of the city. Don’t ever leave Siena without dropping by this amazing gelateria.

So make sure that you don’t skip on any of these ice cream parlors to ensure that you will enjoy the city particularly on the gelato that it prides itself with.